Screw FM Gig /w Kadavar @Factory Magdeburg 27/05/2016  ⒸDressedinBlack

About Us


It's as simple as it sounds!


5 guys found themselves for enjoying music, for diggin' the dusty sound of pure, passionate, handmade bluesrock and for hitting every stage possible! A melange of 70's/80's hardrock with a good pinch of rusty, early blues and a touch of rowdy desert-rock!


In 2009 the band was founded by Pete and Loko and was named “The Art Of A Misfit“. Some years of finding the musical direction went by when Carlos joined the band and enhanced the group with his unique far reaching guitarsounds. He instantly integrated himself into songwriting and the train kept rolling! Now by the name of “Screw FM“!


After a year of playing together they decided to extend their mainly instrumental sound with vocals and a second guitar! That's when Tynee and Chris joined the Band in late 2013! Tynee comes with a truckload of powerful vibrant guitarsounds and a big amount of spicy riffing. Chris puts some distorted expressive vocals on top, completing the Screw FM sound with heartfelt lyrics! In 2020 Loko left the band with a heavy heart. After a short period Max was able to fill the gap adequately, being the musical allrounder and Rock enthusiast that he is!


And here they are now! Writing honest songs, passionately enjoying to hit the stages, spreading Mojo where-ever they go and just loving to live music – living to love music!


Stay tuned and Screw em' All!!!